About us

At Newesis we do care about what we do in our professional life but even more about how we do live our work experience as a team.

Our Vision

Internationally recognised as trustable independent partner for technological and architectural advisory services.


Our Mission

We enable potential, we solve problems. We support companies digital transformation through adaptive changes using innovative technologies.


Our way of working

We fully understand your business, we know that any technology project is valuable only if it embraces and support a business goal.

We are vendor agnostic, selecting the most suitable providers for every project on the base of each company business model and priorities, operational model and processes.

We work with worldwide partners, to operate where is needed, when is needed.

Understand the business context
Up to date with latest technology
Worldwide partner for best operation

Values and Culture at Newesis

We work and live the company as a team!

We strongly believe that constructive criticisms is a way to keep growing together. We do expect everyone to express ideas and comments and do not hide any critics. We work together as a team of peers trusting each other as always working for the common goals. We do not tolerate any blaming behavior. 

It does not matter from where you work and at what time, which technology you use and how long it takes, we trust each member of the team to always work to reach the common goal of our customers. We do work by objectives, we do not accept micro-management.

Anyone can express ideas, anyone can make mistakes, anyone can have needs and problems we do not know. We always respect anyone and anyone’s ideas inside and outside the company and we always respect decisions once commonly taken even if as individual we can disagree.

We need and encourage discovery of new business cases, new technologies, new operational processes and procedures. Learning and growing is a never ending exercise. In Newesis we  don’t say “it has always been done this way”.