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Newesis comes from Noesis, in Plato’s philosophy the highest kind of knowledge, the faculty of the human mind necessary for understanding what is true or real. But at the same time that knowledge, Noesis, became New and Easy, this is why Newesis.

Technology is constantly evolving, services we use disappear and new ones are released every day. Here at Newesis we aim to make your usage of those services easy, providing the knowledge that is required to understand the reality of the digital era.

We designed our services with special attention to critical IT systems. We work every day to offer you the level of technical quality and experience that you deserve.

Newesis is a pure technology based Cloud Native company, created from the strong international experiences of its founders, having as a target mission critical projects.

Our founders and management board

Samuele Camatari - CEO

An eclectic manager with more than 25 years experience in the Information Technology industry. Founder and CEO of Jusan Network Srl

Rauno De Pasquale - CTO

Considered between the world’s experts in technical infrastructure solutions for delivering real-time digital solutions on massive scale.

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