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DevOps as a Service

Managed Cloud

We do provide Managed Services on top of your Cloud Services provisioning, to allow you to optimise Cloud Services usage in terms of costs, performance, security and efficiency.

Managed CDN

We manage for you the Content Delivery Network Services, to guarantee the best usage of the service acquired from the most important vendors of the market as Akamai, Cloudflare and Fastly.

Cloud Engineering

No matter if you are using private or public Clouds, We design optimal systems architectures for your availability, scaling, performance and security requirements.

DevOps Engineering

Working closely with your internal or external software and application providers, we guarantee the optimal design, implementation and operation of your CI\CD Pipelines.

Reliability Engineering

Reliability engineering deals with the estimation, prevention and management of high levels of engineering uncertainty and risks of failure to guarantee the maximum uptime for your applications.

Solution Architect

Our Solution Architects will work with your stakeholders, technical team and providers to define the optimal solution for your business cases, assuring the usage of the best fit in a vendor-agnostic modern technology pattern.

CTO as a Service

For organisations that are still growing their technology leadership or that requires a different external view. Going beyond just providing solutions, we support the definition of your technology strategy.

Project Inception Service

We provide methodology, processes and procedures, based on Agile and Lean frameworks, to help companies to clarify their pain points and needs and to transform problems into opportunities.

DevOps as a Service

The world of Cloud Computing gave the benefit of elasticity and flexibility, the ability to dynamically control in any moment how much resources you need and want to use and to dynamically manage how much you can and want to invest on a certain period. At Newesis we believe you should get the same model also when your costs and services are Professional Services. For this reason we allow you to select an On Demand engagement model with our engineering team. Working following a Kanban approach in the management of the activities, you can select to be charged on the base of consumed Story Pointswithout any fixed commit, being able to have more work done when this is important for you and to save in other periods, following the natural trends of your business. Feel free to contact us at any time if you want to know more.

Managed Kubernetes Service

Kubernetes platform is becoming more and more popular, its adoption is linked with the ability to operate the same model of service provisioning OnPremises and on Cloud, being ready for an hybrid-Cloud or multi-Cloud approach. The usage of Kubernetes Clusters is also allowing greater space for scalability and availability. With our Managed Kubernetes Service we do offer you a Cloud agnostic approach, removing from you all the complexity of the management of the Cloud provider and of the Kubernetes cluster and helping you on the transformation journey to adopt a micro services architecture, DevOps practices as CI\CD Automation and Observability. Our Managed Kubernetes Service in fact is not only infrastructure provisioning but it comes with a complete suite of solutions for the overall life cycle management of your applications. The service can be perfectly combined with our DevOps as a Service model. Feel free to contact us at any time if you want to know more.

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If you need to design, implement and monitor 24/7 systems architectures using the best cdn and cloud providers.

If you need to run a critical event online and you need your solution to support any unexpected traffic or attack.

If you need to migrate your critical applications to the cloud to optimise costs.
If you need to change and adapt processes and tools for your application deployment and operation.

If you need to define your technology strategy to support your business goals.

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